ATA Trainer’s Certification Academy
September 20-23, 2018

The 2018 ATA Trainer’s Certification Academy, in conjunction with the Medina Swarm Agility Club, will be held September 20-23, at CLErun Agility Center, 6030 Carey Drive, in Valley View Ohio. Participation is reserved to the first 8-10 Level II Trainer/members and/or Level III Club/Facility members who apply, and costs $750 per dog/trainer team.

Registration form

Pay Online

or mail your check to P.O. box, #632, Germantown Maryland, 20875.

Registration opens this Friday, August 10th, and closes September 1st.

Discounted motel room rates and lots of nearby restaurant/food options are available. 

If you’ve been wanting to get ATA certified, now’s the time to come!