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Board of Directors

Dianna Stearns, President

Dianna Stearns owns Waggin’s West Dog Training and Behavior Consulting, LLC in Northglenn, Colorado. Waggin’s West believes that the growing sport of Treibball provides dog owners a great opportunity to communicate and play with their dogs, and developed the original clicker training curriculum to be licensed exclusively for use by the American Treibball Association.

A professional dog trainer for 9 years, Dianna holds national certifications from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (CDBC), for which she was a founding member. Dianna also is the first Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT) and has been a judge at national Treibball competitions. Additionally, she is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild. Dianna is also a mentor for students of the Animal Behavior College. She serves as a trainer and behavior consultant to three breed rescue organizations.

Dianna is also the author of the first definitive book about the sport, published by Dogwise: Get the Ball Rolling~A Step By Step Guide To Training for Treibball. She lives with her dogs Blondie, Fin, and Gemma.

Dianna heads up the Membership/Marketing Committee for the American Treibball Association.


Mary Manka, Vice President

Mary Manka has 28 years of working with the City of Boulder, Colorado before becoming a dog trainer and ACE SONY DSCpersonal trainer certificate. Her business, Push Ups n’ Paws in Brighton, Colorado, combines fitness for humans and obedience training for canines.  Mary has been on the board of several organizations, boards and trains horses, and volunteers for animal therapy rescue groups through social media and other local avenues. With her fitness experience, it was a natural for Mary to gravitate towards Treibball.

Mary is the second Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT) and serves as a trainer for the American Treibball Association Trainers’ Academy. She has also been a judge for national Treibball competitions.

Mary lives with her husband and dogs Aeden and Winston–the American Treibball Association mascot.

Mary heads up the American Treibball Association’s Competition Committee.


Hilary Lane, Secretary/Treasurer

me&lunacoverHilary Lane owns Fang Shui Canines, a canine training and coaching business in Louisville, Colorado, that helps people and their dogs live harmoniously. She is a Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT) and trains the sport at local facilities, serves as a trainer for the American Treibball Association Trainers’ Academy and has judged national Treibball competitions. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R Puppy Evaluator.

Hilary has volunteered with Humane Society Boulder Valley in various training programs to help make dogs more adoptable, puppy socialization classes, and other training events. Hilary co-founded Rocky Mountain Border Collie Rescue, where she trained rescues to be more adoptable. Currently, she evaluates potential canine candidates for a the Search Dog Foundation, and writes articles for pet publications, including Cornell and Tufts veterinary newsletters. Hilary is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and the Pet Professional Guild.

Hilary has competed in mock Treibball trials with her 12-year-old Border Collie Luna. She also heads up the Technology Committee for the American Treibball Association.


Terry Blaine

Terry Blaine runs Healthy Paws Dog Training Services & Pet First Aid in Langley, British Columbia in Canada. He is a ProfessionalTerry Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant. Certified through the Animal Behaviour College in California, Terry now mentors other dog enthusiasts in their bid to become certified dog trainers. Terry is an Animal Behavior Collegeauthorized mentor trainer, a full member of the Pet Professional Guild, a Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT), a certified Fun Scent Games Instructor and  Certified Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Instructor.

Terry has helped thousands of dogs and handlers throughout different parts of the world build their relationships and solve problems by teaching obedience, various dog sports and working with a myriad of behavioral problems. Terry teaches Puppy Pre-School, Basic Manners, Behaviour Adjustment Training for Shy, Reactive and Aggressive dogs through to Agility Just for Fun, Rally-O, Treibball, Wilderness Tracking and holds regular classes and workshops for Walks ‘N’ Wags Animal Pet First Aid.

Terry is on the American Treibball Association’s Membership/Marketing and Technology committees.


Bobby Chastain

6 collies1Bobby is a certified American Treibball trainer who also coordinates human fitness programs and works with various rehab programs. She has been a dog trainer for 7 years since adopting Sal, her number one collie. Her focus is relationship building, positive experiences, and fun for dog and handlerin any sport or situation. She continues to expand her knowledge in dog behavior through workshops and seminars.

Bobby teaches Treibball, Canine Musical Freestyle, Sports Sampler, Reliable Recalls, and Waggin’ Workout classes at Teamworks Dog Training, Superior Dog Training, and Dog Fun Forever. In addition to her certification in Treibball, she is also a certified Trick Dog Instructor. She and her six collies are titled in the sports she teaches.

She coordinates, chairs and judges many of the North Carolina ATA sanctioned trials, and is on the American Treibball Association’s Competition Committee.


Renea Dahms

reneaRenea Dahms runs Pawsitively Unleashed! in Stephens Point, WI. She has a Diploma in Canine Behavior Science and Technology (Dip CBST) from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, is a Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT) and Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT). She shares her home and life withher husband and seven Australian Shepherds. She has been training dogs and their owners since 1995. She opened her business in 1997 to offer quality training options using positive reinforcement based methods.

Renea is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, Doggone Safe and is a licensed presenter for Doggone Smart at Work, Be a Tree, and Dogs & Storks. She is also a professor at the Kenyon Canine Institute.

Today Renea runs The PawsU! Academy & Canine Conditioning Center. Renea hosts seminars and workshops for the hobby and professional trainer, as well as those geared toward the average dog owning public. The conditioning center offers a canine swim pool, and custom canine conditioning programs as well as chiropractic and Reiki.
Renea is a canine conditioning coach, Certified ATA Trainer and Reiki Master teacher.

Additionally, Renea is the author of Family Companion Dog~An Owner’s Manual to Relationship Centered Leadership and writes for the Australian ShepherdJournal, where her article on Treibball was recently nominated as a finalist for an award through the Dog Writers Association of America.

Renea is on the American Treibball Association’s Membership/Marketing and Competition Committees.


Lisa Holt

Lisa Holt runs San Juan Island Dog Training, in Friday Harbor, Washington, a small island nestled between lisaWashington and British Columbia. She believes that the human-canine connection transforms through training, canine sports and activities, and when it comes to seeing these dogs change into confident, purposeful, enthusiastic members of a human-canine team, she is absolutely hooked.

Lisa is a certified Mentor Trainer through the Animal Behavior College as a Trainer and Mentor, is Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT), a Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor with an NW1 title, a competitor and instructor for the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC), an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a 4-H Leader for local youth canine club

At San Juan Island Dog Training, Lisa teaches classes in agility, Flyball, Treibball, Freestyle, and K9 Nose Work, along with also teach Puppy Einstein, Basic Manners, Fast Combo Cue Work, Focus Off-Leash and CGC Prep, in addition to private session work for reactive dog training.

She has competed and won titles in the American Treibball Association’s Sanctioned Competitions with her dog Ready. Lisa is also on the American Treibball Association’s Competition and Technology Committees.


Michael McManus

Michael McManus, head trainer of Ready, Sit, Go, in Pearblossom, California, has been working with dogs for 6 years, michael1focusing on dog sports. His dogs train and compete in K9 Nose Work®, Treibball and Herding. Michael also attended the first Treibball Training Academy at the American Treibball Association Headquarters in Colorado and has been teaching clinics and classes successfully since then.

Michael is a certified Canine Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and Certified American Treibball Trainer (CATT). He is on a continuous path of learning and has studied with some of the best in the field of behavior and training, including Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Roger Abrantes, John Rogerson, Penny Scott-Fox, Scott Glen, Janna Duncan and others.

Michael lives with his wife and two dogs, Lumi and Hazel.

Michael is on the American Treibball Association’s Membership/Marketing Committee.

Aaron Israels, Attorney of Record

Aaron Israels is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Colorado, Michigan, and Illinois. His main office is located inAaron-Israels-final-0022-1024x262 Central Denver. He sits on the board of directors for several for-profit and non-profit business entities and we are thrilled that he is on the ATA board.

Aaron Israels, P.C.
4155 E. Jewell Ave., Ste. 502
Denver, Colorado 80222

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