What is Treibball?

Treibball is a new, competitive dog sport for dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s great fun for any energetic dog that works well off-leash and needs a job, or those naturally “herdy” dogs that don’t have sheep! Treibball is low impact on both the dog and the handler, and is taught without corrections; the handler using only hand signals and verbal cues. Treibball is, above all, a communication sport, that builds a great working relationship between owner and dog!


How is the game played?

The game is played with the dog working off-leash, to use his nose or shoulders to drive eight fitness-type balls into a net, within 10 minutes. The handler directs the dog which balls to bring in, in what order. The game stops when 10 minutes is called or when all eight balls are in the goal and the dog lies down in front of the goal (like penning sheep!) The balls can be of differing sizes or all the same size; (just appropriate to the size of the dog) so dogs of all sizes can play!


What does my dog need to know, to play Treibball?

Dogs should have some off-leash reliability to start, and knowledge of off-leash cues will be assessed at the orientation. Target training, moving the ball forward and directional (herding) cues will be taught in class, using positive reinforcement methods only. Then we’ll start playing the game!


What comes next?

There are Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced level classes to teach the game, as well as fun matches to test your skills and official ATA Sanctioned competitions where national titles can be earned.


How do I sign up?

Check the above tab Trainers Resource list to see if there are any Certified American Treibball Trainers in your area.  If none are available Training Manuals for self-taught training are available under the Store tab. You can also check the Calendar to see if there are any upcoming workshops or seminars coming near you.


American Treibball Association Facebook Group


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