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The Board of Directors of the American Treibball Association has approved the 2016 Sanctioned Trial and Competition Rules for ATA Treibball. This enhanced game structure and specific scoring system is the most complete to date, and is the result of months of dedicated work by the Competition committee. Our thanks go out to them for their had work and professional attention to moving ATA Treibball forward. We encourage you to join, learn and play Treibball with us.

All ATA members and registered dogs can compete in trials, per these guidelines.

ATA Sanctioned Trial and Competition Rules 2016


Sanctioned Competition Forms

Here are forms to be used by hosting facilities for sanctioned trials.

Application to Host ATA Sanctioned Competition

Competitor Entry Form

Run Order-Catalog

Judge Disqualification for Dog Aggression

Judge Score Sheet

Trial Report Form


Competitor Entry Form

To enter your dog for competition, complete this Competitor Entry Form and send to the facility hosting the event.

Competitor Entry Form


Dog Registration Form

Here is the registration form to enter your dog into live and virtual competitions. Please fill it out and return it with the fees to the address listed on the form. When ATA receives your application, you will receive your certificate of registration.

Registration of an Individual Dog


Host License Event Form

If you would like your facility to host a competition, please fill out the following form and send it to the American Treibball Association at the address listed on the form.

Application to Host ATA Sanctioned Competition


Specific Trial Premiums

If you are hosting a competition, send your premium in .pdf format to post here.

June 21 2014 Denver Trial Premium