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Thank you for your interest in joining the ATA! Memberships are annual from January 1 through December 31. You are welcome to join in any month and get the same benefits. If you join in or after September of one year, you will be paid through the following year.

Level I members: Fill out the registration form as required.

Level II and Level III members: Before you can fill out the registration form, we require your IRS Tax ID number (or EIN), website URL (if you have one), your business address and phone number, and two professional references: one from a veterinarian who refers clients to you, and one from a person with whom you do business or from a client. Please submit this information through our Contact Form first, before registering. Once we approve your application, you will notified that you can register for membership. Do not fill out the registration form or pay for membership until we notify you.

We are unable to process member emails that begin with the prefixes “info” and “admin” as they result in Failure Notices, and you you will not be able to receive information from us. Additionally, if possible, please join with the same email address you’ll use on the ATA Yahoo Group email list and for ATA email correspondence.

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