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Virtual Competition Services

Virtual Sanctioned Competition Trial Rules

Virtual Trials/Competitions are offered to current ATA members and registered ATA dogs to support those in remote areas who might not have access to trial locations. Virtual Trials/Competitions follow the same rules as for live competition except that the resulting videos are submitted for board member review. The current rules can be found here:

ATA Sanctioned Trial and Competition Rules 2015-2016


Dog Registration Form

Here is the registration form to enter your dog into virtual competitions. Please fill it out and return it with the fees to the address listed on the form.

Registration of an Individual Dog


Virtual Competition Submission Cover Sheet

You must use the following Video Submission Cover Sheet at the beginning of each video you submit. You may also use this cover sheet for different portions of your video submission, per the Virtual Competition rules. The resulting videos must be submitted as detailed.

Video Submission Cover Sheet