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Rules and Regulations

Live Competition Sanctioned Rules

The Board of Directors of the American Treibball Association has approved the following updated Sanctioned Trial and Competition Rules for use through 2019-2020. All ATA members and registered dogs can compete in trials, per these guidelines.

We’re happy to announce two new titling classes for competition: Intro Treibball, for those new to the sport who want to try it out and see what their dogs can do, and Team Treibball for those more experienced competitors who want a new challenge. In Intro Treibball your dog moves 3 or 6 balls to the goal from a shorter distance, and in Team Treibball, One handler and two dogs or Two handlers and two dogs compete as a team.

Come join, learn and play Treibball with us, it’s lots of fun!

ATA Sanctioned Trial and Competition Rules

Virtual Competition Sanctioned Rules

Virtual Trials/Competitions are offered to current ATA members and registered ATA dogs to support those in remote areas who might not have access to trial locations. Virtual Trials/Competitions follow the same rules as for live competition except that the resulting videos are submitted for board member review. The current Virtual Competition Rules can be found here:

ATA Virtual Titling Rules

Membership Registration

To compete in a Virtual Competition, an individual must be a current member of the ATA in good standing.  Registration can be found at:

Membership Registration

Dog Registration

All dogs competing in a Virtual Competition must be registered with ATA.  The registration application can be found at

Dog Registration

Video Submission Cover Sheet

You must use the following Video Submission Cover Sheet at the beginning of each video you submit.  The resulting videos must be submitted as detailed in the ATA Virtual Titling Rules.

Video Submission Cover Sheet

How to set up for an outdoor, Virtual submission