The Game

Have a dog? Then you’re set!

The breeds with natural herding ability probably have a bit of an edge, but any dog who can learn to target, move off-leash both right and left, stand, stop, and lie down, can play!

In our classes, we’ve had these and many mixed breeds:

Cairn Terriers . Shelties . Rottweilers . Portuguese Water Dogs . German Shepherds . Papillons . Cattle Dogs . Labrador Retrievers . Golden Retrievers . Bull Terriers . Boxers . Border Collies . Australian Shepherds . Poodles . Jack Russell Terriers . And many more…

First ATA Graduation

Playing Treibball uses a combination of classic obedience and herding cues. The game consists of your dog working off-leash and obeying your cues. Your dog uses his nose or shoulders to drive eight balls into a goal within 10 minutes.

It takes thinking, communication and coordination of the team to get the driving done, and all those balls (sheep!) in the goal.

At the sound of a whistle to start timing, the handler directs the dog to the point ball, and the dog drives that ball into the net first. Then the handler chooses which balls for the dog to bring in, and in what order. The dog can be directed to bring in all the blue balls, all the large balls first, or any combination of size and colors, but the dog should only bring the ball to which he is directed. The game stops when all eight balls are in the net/goal and the dog lies down in front of the goal, just like penning sheep!

Since it takes eight fitness balls to play, eight people can form a team or a class! We’ve developed ATA Sanctioned Trial and Competition Rules so you and your dog can compete in trials. As a member, you will have an opportunity to provide feedback and vote on the rules annually.

What do you need to participate in Treibball?

  • A dog who loves to play chase games, is good off-leash and knows some basic cues
  • A fitness/gymnastic-type ball
  • A 20-foot long line, for distance work
  • A soccer goal or some other large enclosure as a goal to hold the balls
  • A 6-foot wooden dowel or staff to help guide the balls into a goal

We supply the rest!