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The largest, fastest-growing and most active organization promoting the fun, excitement and sport of Treibball in North America. If you are interested in having a ball of fun with your dog, or adding Treibball to your training business, you are in the right place. The ATA has founded and defined the competition rules for the sport of Treibball, and is the primary source for trials, workshops and training academies throughout the United States and Canada.

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As an ATA member, you have the immediate support and backing of the ATA organization and its large network of Treibball trainers. Membership gives you access to answers, training manuals, and entry to trial. The ATA operates exclusively as non-profit organization so your dues go directly to support the growth and promotion of the sport of Treibball in North America.  The ATA offers different levels of membership, from individual handlers, professional trainers, and training facilities with multiple trainers. You can easily choose the level of membership that best suits your needs and

Have an absolute ball with Treibball
Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) originated in Germany and means “push ball.” In Treibball, your dog learns to go out into a playing field and push balls, one by one, to the handler with direction and control. The game is simple to play and train, requires nothing more than inflatable balls and a great love of working with your dog. The sport is low impact for both the handler and dog, and since dogs work one at a time in Treibball, mildly reactive dogs can join in the fun, too.