Ellie Chiampa and Tallulah American Treibball Association National Competition June 21, 2014

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We’re glad you found us! Whether you’re looking for a unique, fun activity to do with your dog or a new, challenging dog sport for competition, ATA Treibball has a lot to offer. If you’re a professional trainer or the owner of a dog training facility, ATA Treibball presents a singular opportunity to provide your students with a fun, learning experience, in a competitive venue to build their communication skills.

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The American Treibball Association is the only member-centered 501(c) 3 non-profit, dedicated to the teaching and training for Treibball in North America. The ATA founded and established the American rules for Treibball competition in 2010, and is the primary resource for competitive trials, workshops and training academies, throughout the United States and Canada.

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As an ATA member, you have the support and backing of the national organization, and its network of Treibball trainers. Membership gives you access to answers, training materials and entry into competing in trials. Since the ATA operates exclusively as a non-profit, your dues go to support the growth and promotion of the sport of Treibball in North America.

The ATA offers several levels of membership, so you can easily choose the level that best suits your needs: Level I for individual dog owner/handlers, Level II for professional dog trainers who want to teach Treibball or Level III for training facilities with multiple trainers who want to teach and host trials.

What IS Treibball?

Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) originated in Germany a little over 10 years ago, and means “push ball”. Treibball is a low-cost, low-impact sport, any dog and handler can play. If your dog has a nose or a shoulder, he can play Treibball! The game is simple to play and train, and only requires a few fitness balls, some treats and a love of working with your dog. Your dog learns to target the balls, and then goes out into a playing field and pushes balls to you, with direction and control. The game is timed, with only one dog and handler team on the field, so mildly reactive dogs can participate too.

Want to compete for an American Treibball Association title?

ATA members can train independently or with a trainer, to compete in person for Live ATA titles, or compete for Virtual ATA titles, from wherever you are, by submitting videos.

Just for fun, each month, we’ll issue a video challenge, here on the website, so you can compete for bragging rights, and show off your teamwork.

All the game structure and information for competition is posted under the Rules and Regulations tab, and you can view our fun videos and competition pictures in our “Ball of Fun” Competition Gallery.